Episode 65 – Going all in

Going all in can be one of the hardest things you do when striving to do something great.

But with greatness, comes great sacrifice.

In this episode, Coach Jay talks about keeping your head down and keep going on the grind. The importance of it, and ways in which you can see the way you progress and do things for the better.

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Episode 64 – How to make your fitness habit, addictive.

Even coaches know the struggles of getting started! Specially when it doesn’t feel good. Is there a way to make this whole process better? Easier? More pleasureable?

In this special episode, Coach Jay talks about the power of celebration and how to make your fitness habit, or hell, any habit, addictive.

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Episode 62 – Why working out while pregnant isn’t as scary as you think

Coaches know how hard it can be to have a baby. Pregnancy can bring a lot of uncertainty and stress into your life, but it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think.

In this special episode, Coach Rebecca and Coach Tina go over what it’s like working out while pregnant, giving you the before, during, after and more! Join us as we go mythbusting and dispel some of the biggest doubts we have heard regarding carrying a baby and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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Episode 61 – Stress Management is the Ultimate Performance Enhancing Drug

Ever feel like you don’t really know how to cope? Work, driving, shopping, having kids, not having kids, basically anything can set off your stress and get your performance to suffer. Even coaches have trouble with this one.

Today, coach Jay and Heidi talk about how Stress Management is the ultimate performance enhancing drug and how it can really set you on the track for a way better life.
In this episode we talk to Doc. Mitch about managing pain, how to avoid it, and how to alleviate it!

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